2 Super Dives On The
Costandis & Lady Thetis Wrecks
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135 euros per diver (2 Dives)
(max 4 divers per guide)
Equipment / Boat fees /  Transfers All Included
Double Wreck Dive - Costandis & Lady Thetis
2 Dives: Including Transportation & Boat Fees -
Min 2 Divers = €135.00pp
In 2014 a marine reserve was created in Limassol and 2 wrecks were sank to create artificial reefs. Costandis & Lady Thetis lay a short distance from each other and are easily accessible with a short boat ride. They are now are home to an array of marine life. Including a large, very friendly grouper we call George. Both wrecks sit upright in the water and are a fun divers playground. Open spaces have been created to swim easily through the engine rooms, Navigational Bridge and around and through the decks.

Departure Time From Marine Divers @ 7am, Return 2pm

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Limassol Wrecks Costandis & Lady Thetis

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