Guided Dives Package Equipment Included Tanks & Weights
Single Dive €55 €45
2 Dives €90 €80
4 Dives €170 €150
6 Dives €240 €220
8 Dives €300 €280
Prices 2023 - No Hidden Extras

Zenobia Wreck - 2 Boat Dives
Advanced Open Water, Minimum Qualification
2 Dives: Including Lunch & Transportation - Min 2 Divers =
(Non-divers welcome *space permitting) =

Zenobia Check Dive
Safety of our divers & instructors is of the utmost importance to us, and before we take you to the Zenobia (A 2 hour drive from Paphos), we would like to see you dive. This assures us that you are physically and mentally prepared to enjoy the Zenobia, giving you a chance to lessen any concerns or worries you may have about diving, especially if you haven't been diving for some time. Your Check dive also alows us to fit and weight you correctly and also monitor your air consumtion. Giving us the opportuniy to plan the best possible dives for all divers on the Zenobia Trip.
Local Check Dive = €45
(full dive at a discounted price)
Double Wreck Dive - Costandis & Lady Thetis
2 Dives: Including Transportation & Boat Fees - Min 2 Divers = €135.00

In 2014 a marine reserve was created in Limassol and 2 wrecks were sank to create artificial reefs. Costandis & Lady Thetis lay a short distance from each other and are easily accessible with a short boat ride. They are now are home to an array of marine life. Including a large, very friendly grouper we call George. Both wreck sit upright in the water and are a fun divers playground. Open spaces have been created to swim easily through the engine rooms  Navigational Bridge.
Local Guided Shore Dives For Certified Divers
First Time Divers
Bubble Maker  (age 8-9 years) =
Discover Scuba Diving (10 Years & Over) = €75.00
Discover Scuba 2nd Dive =

Certification Courses - (All Courses Below Include The Latest PADI
E-learning Materials and Certification, No Hidden Extras)

Scuba Diver Course With E-Learning =

Upgrade from Scuba Siver to Open Water = €300.00

Upgrade from Scuba Diver To Open Water - Click This Link For Inforamtion

Open Water Course With E-Learning = €500.00

PADI - Open Water Diver Course (e-learning referral*) =
Additional Certification Fee Required If Using Paper Manual

Adventure Diver Course With E-Learning =

Advanced Open Water With E-learning =

Advanced Open Water With E-learning + 2 dives on the Zenobia Wreck = €500.00

Our Prices included course materials and certification. There are NO Hidden Extras. If You find a course price cheaper than ours, you could end up paying more. Your PADI Training Materials, Certification fee & Equipment hire may not be included.

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