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Here at Marine Divers in Kissonerga, we are located right on the doorstep of the areas wonderful shore dives. Within no more than 6km we will swiftly transfer you to enjoy magical diving opportunities without long car journeys and the thought of motion sickness from small boats. With dive site locations so close to our shop all this is the added bonus when choosing Marine Divers. This means we can spend more time getting to know each other, have a chat or enjoy the conversation over a refreshing drink! Our dive sites are fantastic if you have non divers in the family who still want to enjoy the day out with you. They can snorkel above, or just lay back and catch the sun.


A ten minute drive from Marine Divers to one of the areas most popular dive sites the "Amphitheatre". The name was created due to the rock formations creating a "replica" of an Amphitheatre! This dive is great for beginners and experienced divers alike.  After entering the water you are able to descend just a few meters and make your way gradually towards this amazing phenomenon. Along the way look out for Groupers, Yellow spotted moray eels, flute fish, and octopus. A dive designed to allow any ability of diver to enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery.
The Stage
Entering and exiting from the point as the Amphitheatre we hug the coastline until we reach the rock formation that creates "The Stage". The opening in the rock above allows the sunlight to put you in the spotlight as you perform your underwater air guitar solo . On route there are nice gullies, letterbox swim through and a large area of Mediterranean sea grass that the turtles (June-November) love to feed on.

Pistol Bay / Turtle Rock
A ten minute drive from Marine Divers is the Pistol Bay Area, a fabulous dive site loved by everyone (The Local Divers Favourite), with lots of swim-trough’s to explore, you'll want to spend as long as you can at this dive site. See Jonny's Turtle Rock formation as a real one may be swimming by.
Champagne Rock
Entering and exiting from the Pistol Bay area, we head out to a lovely swim through we have named, "Champagne Rock". This swim through is like diving through a large open fireplace. With a wide opening, we swim over the layers of sedimentary rock that narrows slightly to the rear creating a chimney for us to pop out of. The roof of the swim through is very porous allowing the divers expelled air to trickle though to create this pleasant effect of Champagne Bubbles.

Cynthiana - 150m from Dive Centre
This is our house dive site. located 150m from the dive centre. With a natural sea water lagoon entrance, there lies 2 leisurly dive routes for everyone. Once out of the calm of the lagoon, divers slowly descend discovering the many rock formations, explore a swim-through and enjoy the wide variety of marine life.

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